WMS’ Ski & Sports Gear Swap 2020

Please join us for West Mountain School’s Annual Ski & Sports Gear Swap 2020!

WMS invites consignors (individuals and ski and sport shops) to sell, and buyers to buy new and used gear during our Annual Consignment Swap at West Mountain!


SALE AT WEST MOUNTAIN: Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 (9am-5pm)! A delicious breakfast menu will also be offered in the Brand New West Express Café!

Cash, Check and Credit Cards are accepted at the Sale!

PICK UP OF UNSOLD ITEMS/SALE: Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020 (9am-noon)

How to Consign (New and Used Ski & Sport Equipment) at the West Mountain Ski Swap:

CONSIGNING NEW/USED GEAR: Collect all your new and gently used gear, spiff it up, and drop it off at West Mountain on Friday November 9th between 4pm-7pm with price tags and Consignment sheets filled


The Consignment Sale is Saturday, November 14th from 9am-5pm.

We’ll issue you a consigner number that goes on your price tags at drop off on Friday, November 13th from 4-7pm.

Keep 70% of the price of the items you sell. The remainder goes to support the West Mountain School, which supports the race team with program need-based scholarships, safety equipment and supplies.

If you choose to donate all of the proceeds, here is the tax exemption id # 75-3173928

Pick up your unsold items that you don’t want on Sunday, November 11th from 9am-noon. We will also be continuing to sell swap items on Sunday that are not picked up yet.

Unclaimed items will be considered a donation to the West Mountain School after noon on Sunday. The West Mountain School is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Please Email jaime@westmtn.net with any questions

Items Individuals Can Sell:

New/Used Skis/Snowboards with proper, usable bindings-New/Used Boots & Poles-New/Used Helmets & Goggles-New/Gently used winter clothing & outerwear– New/Used Sporting Equipment (Snowshoes, lacrosse, soccer and hockey equipment, Ice Skates, Etc)-New/Used ski racing items

Items Ski and Sport Shops Can Sell

Any new clearance ski and sport items 


How to Prepare Items-All items must be in good working condition.-Use the supplied tags and make sure they are sturdily attached. They can be ripped off by a customer and fall from your item. We cannot pay you for an item that does not have a tag. -Use the Consignment Sheet here and properly fill it out. Please make sure if you handwrite on tags and sheets that we can read the handwriting:)-Make sure all clothing is clean and has been laundered. Clothing should be in excellent condition or it will not sell. If you are selling gloves or hats it would be beneficial to place them in zip lock baggies so they do not get separated, no one will buy just one glove.-Presentation is everything! If your items are clean and in good working orders, they will sell much better than dusty items that are next to them.

Pricing and Tagging

-Minimum price for any item is $5.00.-All items must be in $1.00 increments.-Using our tagging template:Ski Swap Price TagsEither hand write or type in necessary information. Printing tags on card stock will hold up much better than regular paper.-When placing the tag on items, make sure they are securely attached and legible.-Clothing – use a safety pin and attach your tag to the upper right corner of clothing.-Boots – tags may be attached with safety pin to liner (make sure it does not hinder trying the boots on) or can be taped to the back of the boot.-All other items – Use tape (packing tape works best) to secure tag to the most visible part of your item.

Dropping off and Picking Up Your Items

-All items must be dropped off in the Main Lodge at West Mountain on Friday between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm – no exceptions. Nothing will be accepted on Saturday.

-A volunteer will help check in your items. If you have already tagged your items, this process will be much quicker for you.

-Pick up of items not sold will be on Sunday from 9am-noon. We will also continue selling left over items on Sunday! Any items not picked up will be considered a donation to the West Mountain School.

When will the consignement payment be made?

-Checks will be mailed to the name and address you register 2-4 weeks after the sale. The West Mountain School is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. West Mountain School does not issue refunds or credits and WMS and West Mountain are not responsible for anything purchased at the Swap.