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West Mountain over 25 Cross-Country and Downhill mountain biking trails for amazing riding. Take the West Express Chairlift to the top and let your wheels do the rest with purchase of a Biking ticket here. Riders are welcome to bring their own bikes or rent from us. We offer Scott downhill and cross-country mountain bike rentals and protective gear packages that can be pre-reserved online here. Hiking is also permitted during operational hours on our mixed-used trails with purchase of a Scenic Chairlift/Hiking ticket here. Aerial Treetop Adventure Tour tickets can be purchased here.


Cross-Country Biking/Hiking Trails

CC TrailsDifficultyOpen/Closed
1. Crow's NestGREENClosed
1a. Eagle WayGREENClosed
2. Coyote RunGREENClosed
3. DeerfieldGREENClosed
4. Fox LaneBLUEClosed
5. OutbackBLUEClosed
6. The WallBLUEClosed
7. Little BearBLUEClosed
8. Porcupine PassBLUEClosed
9. Big BearBLUEClosed
10. Slide ShowGREENClosed
11. ConnectorBLUEClosed
13. Ale TrailGREENClosed

Downhill Biking Trails

Downhill TrailsDifficultyOpen/Closed
10. Slide Slow (mixed use)GREENClosed
11. Big EasyBLUEClosed
12. High VoltageDOUBLE BLACKClosed
14. Low VoltageDOUBLE BLACKClosed
15. FlatlineBLUEClosed
16. The 'Q'BLUEClosed
17. B LineBLUEClosed
18. HotBLUEClosed
19. Voltage DropBLUEClosed
20. DeliveryBLACKClosed
21. ToplineBLACKClosed
22. LiabilityBLACKClosed
23. InsanityBLACKClosed
24. Rock TumblerBLACKClosed
25. Go-GoBLACKClosed
26. DiggerBLUEClosed
27. Black Widow's Web (new!)DOUBLE BLACKClosed
28. BailBLUEClosed


Since your well-being is at the heart of our concerns, several health measures are in place and we ask for your cooperation to meet the State of New York's recommendations as they are a priority. We remain attentive to developments and operations could vary rapidly depending on the situation.
Read more about our Mountain Safety initiatives here.