Mountain Cams

West Express Face Cam
Sunrise Cam


Welcome to West Mountain! We are open for the 22-23 Season! West Mountain has 100% mounted snowmaking and 100% lighted trails to make day and night skiing equally enjoyable. West Mountain is home to 35 trails and a large tubing park. View the Trail Map here.

Trail Conditions Key: MG=Machine Groomed, P=Powder, PP=Packed Powder, LG=Loose Granular, FG=Fozen Granular, WG=Wet Granular, SC=Spring Conditions, C=corn, I=icy, VC=Variable Conditions, TC=Thin Cover, TP=Terrain Park, BC=Bumps Course, WP=Weather Permitting


Melon Patch (South)-Learning AreaGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Melon Patch (North)-Learning AreaGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The Race Face (South)GreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The North Face (TP)GreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
GnarwallBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Gnarwall NorthBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The CureBlackOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Upper Holy MakerelGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Lower Holy MakerelGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The FrolicGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Coy DogBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The AlleyBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
ChuteGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Turtle BackGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
InchwormGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
The MeadowsGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Slip ThruBlueClosedN/AYes
Bannister (TP)GreenOpen, TP coming soonPlease view on-siteYes
CrossoverBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
MachBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Go-GoBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
Northwest PassageBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
MidwayBlueOpenPlease view on-siteYes
AOABlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyYes
Evergreen PassGreenClosedN/AYes
Gleason's RoadBlueClosedN/AYes
Front YardBlueClosedN/AYes
Brandt's PassGreenClosedN/AYes
Northwest GladesBlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyYes
Hot GladesBlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyNo
Voltage GladesBlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyNo
Insanity GladesBlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyNo
Liability GladesBlackOpenUnmarked, ungroomed, unpatrolled--Experts OnlyNo
Tubing ParkGreenOpenPlease view on-siteYes


Since your well-being is at the heart of our concerns, several health measures are in place and we ask for your cooperation to meet the State of New York's recommendations as they are a priority. We remain attentive to developments and operations could vary rapidly depending on the situation.
Read more about our Mountain Safety initiatives here.