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Are you interested in joining the West Mountain Ski Patrol? The West Mountain Ski Patrol (WMSP) consists of full-time and part-time volunteer and paid patrollers. Each member is required to pass and be certified in "CPR for the Professional Rescuer". After one year of training, which begins in the spring, the candidates are offered a chance to join the West Mt. Ski Patrol as NSP Alpine Patrollers in the fall for the winter season. Patrollers have the option to join our paid or volunteer patrol staff.

WMSP's job involves the overall safety of customers who ski, snowboard or participate in tubing at West Mountain.

Each member has received over 90 hours of first aid instruction (Outdoor Emergency Care) in the classroom, passed a written and practical O.E.C. first aid exam,  spent 4 months as a ski patrol candidate learning toboggan handling and ski techniques as well as on the hill experience with actual first aid situations.

Training does not stop after the first year:    All patrollers must re-certify  in CPR and O.E.C. annually. This takes place during the fall. The NSP Eastern Region also has elective training which is available for all registered members. The training includes: Senior Patroller, Certified Patroller, OEC Instructors, S&T Instructors, Avalanche and Mountaineering and other skier enhancement programs.

Each WMSP volunteer member must be able to ski one weekend day (Sat or Sun) and one week day/night ( Mon - Fri). Some Saturday & Sunday nights, as well as holiday hours, are also required in the winter. Paid patrol is hired based on availability for winter and summer patrolling.  All patrollers receive mountain employee perks including skiing, snowboarding, group lessons, retail, rentals, tuning, food discounts, and a fun work environment,.  Please fill out the WM Employment application below and email it to

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Since your well-being is at the heart of our concerns, several health measures are in place and we ask for your cooperation to meet the State of New York's recommendations as they are a priority. We remain attentive to developments and operations could vary rapidly depending on the situation. Read more about our Mountain Safety initiatives here.