6 Pack Ticket Books

6 Lift tickets for the Price of 5 (Ticket Book) | SALE HAS ENDED

West Mountain’s popular 6-Packs are now on sale. Here’s your chance to get 6 tubing tickets, lift tickets or aerial treetop adventure tickets for the price of 5. These are great gift ideas ahead of the holidays – or anytime that can be shared with family and friends.  When purchasing online, we do ask that you give at least 5-7 business days upon purchase for delivery by mail. Due to capacity restrictions, 6-pack tickets can no longer be picked up at the front desk, only mailed. 6-Packs are only sold Nov. 1-Dec. 25. 

2020/2021 Six-Pack Ticket Books (6 lift tickets for the price of 5)

Type Sale 11/1-12/25 only Retail Rate
Aerial Treetop Adventure Adult (13+) 2-Hr Anytime Ticket Book* $245 $294
Aerial Treetop Adventure Youth (7-12) 2-Hr Anytime Ticket Book* $175 $210
Tubing Anytime 2-Hr Ticket Book* $140 (All Ages) $150-$210
Adult Anytime 4-Hr Ticket Book (Ages 19+) Sold Out $345 $414
Teen Anytime 4-Hr Ticket Book (Ages 13-18) Sold Out $245 $294
Youth Anytime 4-Hr Ticket Book (Ages 7-12) Sold Out $195 $234
Adult Midweek, non-holiday 4-Hr Ticket Book(Ages 19+) $245 $294
Teen Midweek, non-holiday 4-Hr Ticket Book (Ages 13-18) $195 $234
Youth Midweek, non-holiday 4-Hr Ticket Book(Ages 7-12) $145 $174

*Requires a reservation at least 24 hours in advance for each ticket by calling the front desk at 518-636-3699 ext. 0.

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